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You are between 16 and 19?

Schule - Und dann?Coaching can help you figure out the answers to some of the challenging questions you may be faced with. What should I do after school? What does it take to get my dream job? Where and what should I study next? Should I do an internship abroad?

As your coach I will help you discover your strengths, set goals for your future and develop a 'roadmap' to help achieve those goals. We will have focused discussions, work on specific tasks and exercises, engage in personal reflection, speak to some academic / professional experts and finally create the roadmap for your academic and professional future.

On average, you will need around 5 sessions. Your parents may be involved in the first and possibly the last one. As a supreme rule, any information you share will remain between you and me. The coaching will generally happen at my office in e-port Dortmund, but if you like we could meet elsewhere too.